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Looking to Further Your Education? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Jenna McFarlene | Marketing Specialist, Bank of Central Florida

Getting an advanced certification, Master’s degree, or Doctorate could change the trajectory of your career. Postgrad experience enhances your skills in your existing field — it demonstrates expertise, commitment and credibility.

Furthering education can be a significant time and financial commitment. Before you get started, consider your goals and career direction. Do you have a particular interest in the field? Are you passionate about it?

If you said, “Yes!” and you want to stay local, look no further. Florida Southern College, Southeastern University, and Florida Polytechnic University collectively offer dozens of opportunities to continue your education.

For an after-work, on-campus experience, consider Florida Southern College’s adult and graduate programs. FSC offers MBA programs, post-baccalaureate certifications, and more for those pursuing their goals after-hours.

If you’d rather study online, Southeastern University’s Master’s and Doctoral programs are perfect for you! Consider a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership, Master’s in Nursing and more fully online, on your own time.

If you’ve got an analytical mind, consider a Graduate Degree from Florida Poly. Check out programs like Computer Science or Engineering for that extra boost in your career in tech or research.

It might seem difficult to manage a full-time job along with education. It’s not for everyone! But if you’ve got the time, dedication, and are looking to prove your skills and advance your position, consider enrolling in an upcoming semester.

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