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At the heart of EMERGE is its five committees: Marketing, Professional Development, Volunteer, Events and Membership. In each of these committees, members work together to support the organization, as well as their own professional development. Each committee has a central focus, and provides members opportunity to exercise their skills, as well as develop new ones. 

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Interested in helping to spread the word about EMERGE Lakeland? Want to enhance your marketing skills? The Marketing Committee would love to have your help with social media and website management, content creation, public relations, photography, writing, graphic design and event marketing. Our committee touches every area of the organization and is a great way to develop project management skills.

The Marketing Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month at noon at Catapult Lakeland (Irma Room, third floor). Contact us if you prefer to meet virtually.

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The primary goal of the professional development committee is to  develop the young talent here in Lakeland through development-specific programming.  We want to do our part in retaining recent grads and young professionals to continue to grow our community. We gather information and craft  opportunities for EMERGE members to grow as professionals in the business world. We are always looking for new ideas and people to continually diversify our organization, improving how we develop the next generation.

The ProDev Committee meets the third Tuesday of the month, noon at Ax-Caliber Axe Venue and Coffee House (204 E Orange St #102, Lakeland, FL 33801).

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EMERGE Lakeland's Volunteer Committee aims to bring relief to select United Way of Central Florida organizations and nonprofits in the Lakeland area. We are the perfect match for young professionals looking to give back to their community. During monthly meetings, the committee plans three volunteer service projects for EMERGE members and guests.


The Volunteer Committee also hosts EMERGE Serves, a five-week board member education class. EMERGE Serves is designed to provide comprehensive training for young professionals interested in community service. This 10-hour course details the fundamentals of effective board service. The program is instructed by respected community leaders and non-profit agency directors from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions.

Volunteer Committee meets the third Wednesday of the month, noon at COhatch Lakeland, (Downtown Lakeland, 211 E Main St, Lakeland, FL 33801).

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The Events committee is one of our most active committees and responsible for planning EMERGE Lakeland's social events. They love fresh ideas and new people! From networking and leadership events to our Signature EMERGE Annual Gala, the Events Committee always needs help planning and coordinating the breakfast, lunch and evening opportunities that create value for all EMERGE Lakeland members within the community.

Events Committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at noon at The Joinery (640 E Main St, Lakeland, FL 33801).

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Joining the EMERGE Lakeland Membership Committee is one of the best ways to meet new people both inside and outside of our organization! On the Membership Committee, you can help grow the leading young professional group in the Greater Lakeland area. The Membership Committee focuses on member experience and outreach, so this group is looking for enthusiastic contributors who are ready to promote EMERGE Lakeland through the annual Membership Drive, social networking events, New Member Luncheons, and onsite corporate presentations.

Membership Committee meets the third Friday of the month, noon at The Joinery (640 E Main St, Lakeland, FL 33801).

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