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About EMERGE: About Us


EMERGE Lakeland is a networking organization of dedicated, talented young professionals ranging in age from 21-42 in Lakeland, Florida. This member-driven organization is a partnership of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Central Florida


At the heart of EMERGE is its five committees: Marketing, Volunteer, Professional Development, Membership and Events. In each of these committees, members work together to support the organization, as well as their own professional development. Each committee has a central focus, and provides members opportunity to exercise their skills, and develop new ones. 

In addition to the committees, we facilitate a variety of events, workshops and social gatherings, providing young professionals with the opportunity to network with their peers and become more immersed in the Lakeland community. 


By creating a venue for our members to build relationships, develop professionally, become politically aware and philanthropically active, we are contributing to the economic development and quality of life in Lakeland. 

Looking to become a part of this community? Become a member today!

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