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HOW TO GET INVOLVED You may have already registered as a member, or you may still be deciding if EMERGE is for you; either way, you’ve clicked the right link, because we’re here to answer the burning question every new or prospective member of EMERGE has: What do I do next?

SO, I'M HERE... NOW WHAT? EMERGE Lakeland has a lot to offer, so the options can seem kind of overwhelming at first. Everyone in EMERGE has been a new member at some point, so you’re not alone. We’ve all been there! You may know exactly where you’ll fit in, you may not, but don’t worry…we’re here to help! First things first…

EDUCATE YO SELF. If you haven’t already, peruse EMERGE Lakeland’s website. Check out the About Us section and read about how we came to be. Our mission statement wraps us up our objective to serve you—our member—in a nutshell: "To create a venue for our members to build relationships, develop professionally, become politically aware, philanthropically active, and contribute to the economic development and quality of life in Lakeland." You’ll also see a list of our steering committee members. Maybe you’ll see someone you know?

ATTEND A NEW MEMBER LUNCH. Check out EMERGE’s calendar of events on this site. Once a quarter, EMERGE hosts a new member lunch. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet people (just like you) who are new to EMERGE, eat some tasty (and complimentary) food, and ask some questions. But what if the new member lunch isn’t for another month or so and you want to get involved NOW?

CHECK OUT UPCOMING EVENTS. Volunteering, networking, socializing…there’s always something going on. Check out the event calendar, or follow us on social media (we’re on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), to see what’s up.

ATTEND A COMMITTEE MEETING (OR TWO. OR THREE.) EMERGE Lakeland has five committees for you to connect with, each with their own unique objectives: event planning, marketing, volunteering, professional development and membership promotion. Each committee meets at least once a month, so drop in on one to see where you connect. You can find out more details here. Sometimes dates and locations change, so be sure to double-check the calendar on the website. When you get to the location, look out for the table with the EMERGE signage and some of the friendliest faces in the crowd. If you have any questions, head over to our Contact page and shoot an email.

TAKE A STEP. Well, we’ve broken down the initial steps for you, so now the rest is up to you. Trust us: it’s worth it! If you still have any questions, go to the Contact page and send us a message, or reach out to us on social media. See you around!

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