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By Nicole Bradham

There are many cost-effective strategies to take actionable steps towards increasing your business's social media presence and position in Google search listings. It doesn't have to cost you tons of money, but will require your time and some intentional planning.    

The first step to take is to create a blog on your current website. Write at least one to four blogs a month. One misconception is that blog posts need to be long, but that isn't the case. Blogs can be one to two paragraphs with images. Obviously, if you can write more, then your SEO will increase. But if all you can do with your time is get one or two paragraphs of relevant information, then do it! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Educational information, such as tips. Write about what you know. For example, if you’re an interior designer, write something like, Top Five Tips to Organize Your Home this Season.

  • Behind the scenes of your business. Post a picture of your staff at work (crew, team members, family, etc.) with a matching summary of copy like, "Check out the crew doing their best to provide you with our amazing services. Lots of fun activities planned for you as we start the season."

  • The reason your company is the best. Write about what makes your business stand out from the competition. This is a good opportunity to list core values, company mission, and best practices.

  • Seasonal promotions. Talk about any deals your company is offering during this season or month.

Get social! One of the best ways to reach new people in your community is to partner with local influencers. Influencers build their following by becoming a resource and build trust with their audience. By utilizing this partnership, you gain the trust of the audience, too.

Also, the influencer provides a diverse mix of content to your online presence that is trending. People want to see real consumers in ads and online. When a company uses all stock images for all their social media, it can turn people away.

Another cost-effective marketing strategy is to encourage your customers to check-in or tag your business on social media. You can host online giveaways and contests to incentivize them, too. This increases brand awareness by allowing their friends to see your business on their Facebook newsfeed, which increases your reach to a new audience.

There are many ways to market your business on a shoe-string budget. You just have to be willing to put in the time and energy to make it happen!

About the author:

Nicole Bradham, an EMERGE Lakeland member, owns Mindset Marketing & Consulting, a full-service marketing agency partnering with businesses across a variety of industries. She also recently launched an influencer management agency called HotMod Agency.

Nicole is passionate about working with small businesses and promoting Lakeland. On a normal day, you will find her working at her desk at Catapult Lakeland, meeting with clients and filming videos for social media. As a board member for the Junior League of Greater Lakeland, she takes serving the community to heart. To keep up with all things social media, follow Nicole on Instagram @mindsetmarketinglakeland and @hotmodagency.

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