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A Letter From Incoming Chair, Sterling Searcy

Hello, and thank you for allowing me to be the 2023 EMERGE Chair!

I am excited and honored to be in this position, and I believe whole heartly in EMERGE’s mission:

“To create a venue for our members to build relationships, develop professionally, become politically aware, philanthropically active, and contribute to the economic development and quality of life in Lakeland, FL.”

2022 was a fantastic year! I want to thank Megan Ruscello (Past Chair) and the entire 2022 EMERGE Steering team for their work and accomplishments. This past year our membership numbers increased, our corporate sponsorships increased, and we hosted the best young professional events in Lakeland FL! I also want to thank the United Way of Central Florida and the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce for their continued support. Without them, EMERGE could not thrive as it does today!

Looking ahead, I expect EMERGE to continue to expand on 2022’s success. If you haven’t noticed… Lakeland is BOOMING! With all this growth, young professionals, like us, need a place to network, grow and ultimately giveback to our community. This is exactly what EMERGE is for! If you are looking to get involved, start with EMERGE.

Finally, I want to thank our strong 2023 Steering team! This team will volunteer its time and expertise to ensure that EMERGE will continue to flourish and pursue our mission for young professionals! Let your friends know about EMERGE and please continue to be involved! If you’re not sure where to start…please ask! I can be reached at

Thank you,

Sterling J Searcy Jr, CPA

CPS Investment Advisors

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