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Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Early in your career, it can be hard to find a place where you “fit.” Young adulthood is tricky – you’re learning to balance work and free time, and it can take a while to find what works for you.

Meeting other people in the same boat can immensely help the process. That’s why joining EMERGE can be invaluable to your career and help you accomplish your goals.

Wondering whether EMERGE is right for you?

If you check any of these boxes… it might be.

  • You’re kicking off your career and want to network.

  • You’re new to Lakeland – or have lived here your whole life – and want to make new friends.

  • You’ve been in your career for a while, but need to refresh by learning new skills.

  • You want to take advantage of some awesome opportunities to connect and learn.

  • You’re interested in volunteering and engaging in local philanthropy.

EMERGE offers tons of events throughout the year to build upon your career goals, meet others and serve the city. Our committees provide an amazing way to get plugged in and take full advantage of everything Lakeland has to offer.

As an EMERGE Member, you’ll get…

  • Discounts on EMERGE and other related community events

  • A venue for social interaction with other young professionals

  • Opportunities for philanthropic and volunteer engagement

  • Career enrichment through professional development sessions and relationship building

  • Opportunities to become involved with other young leaders to help make Lakeland a better place

  • The opportunity to meet a network of diverse individuals

If this sounds good to you, head over to our Membership page to get started!

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